Rep Team

Starting a brand is hard and marketing a new brand is even harder. You want to help CHSN Clothing grow? Well here's how to do it...

First hit me up at with your name and I will give you a discount code for you to use and get 50% off your order. You will also get a unique rep code to share with your friends, which they can use for free shipping.

You can put your rep code on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, or anything else that gets the word out to everyone! Any of your friends who uses your rep code and spends more than $35 will help you redeem free stuff!

Each sale you get is worth 1 point and once you reach a certain number of points you can either redeem them or save them for later.

10 points = 1 free shirt
20 points = 2 free shirts and 1 free sticker pack
30 points = 3 free shirts and 2 free sticker packs
40 points = 4 free shirts and a sticker pack not sold in the store
50 points = 5 free shirts and 2 sticker packs not sold in the store

Once you've redeemed your points you go back to zero. Also, each rep code lasts for one year and is renewed based on your performance! So let's get started. Tell the world about CHSN Clothing, spread the word about the rep team and hook yourself and your friends up with some exclusive clothing!

Thanks for the help, stay original, and keep living free!
- CHSN Clothing