The Inspiration

There are countless amounts of designs created for today's t-shirt market, but few of them actually have any real meaning or purpose except to make money. There are several unknown artists around the world (including painters, musicians, writers, photographers, etc.) creating something new and innovative with works that are clever, meaningful and effect our lives everyday. Using t-shirts, I wanted to be apart of the small number of people creating something that is clever and inspires others, and base my brand on the underground world of the artist and artistic lifestyle.

The Philosophy

Every artist, whether known or otherwise has a story that is told through their artwork. These artists inspire people everyday and even redefine their lives with thought provoking imagery and messages. In my opinion, everyone is an artist in their own right and every artist is chosen to carry the responsibility of telling their story and inspire others to do the same.

These "chosen" few are people who think out of the box and essentially rebel against a society that tells you to play it safe and live a traditional lifestyle. Society tells you who to love, how much money to make, and what kind of house to live in to follow its vision of success and happiness, while an artist's world tells him/her to go against the norm and follow your dreams, risk rejection, and live freely for their success and happiness. This brand believes in non-conformity, being original, and expressing your individual worth by breaking out of the social norm and being above media hype.

The Future

There are many things in store for this brand, and they are not limited to only t-shirts. This brand seeks to be creative and innovative, and bring the culture of the artist to you in the best way possible. This brand also hopes to grow everyday, and I always appreciate the feedback of the consumer.

You can contact me at, find me on Facebook and Twitter or send me stuff at P.O Box 614, South Orange NJ 07079

Stay original and live free.